Why Sillosocks?

I’ll be honest, like many folks who see Sillosocks® for the first time and having used traditional full-bodied decoys, you may take some convincing that they will work. Take it from me (and thousands of happy customers from around the world) – they do!

Here are just a few reasons why people love them:

A typical days Pigeon shooting will involve a fair amount of kit; if you can’t keep dead birds in the freezer, decoys it is. The entire Sillosocks® range are lightweight; 35g per Pigeon, compared with 120g for a plastic full-bodied bird. They are compact; I generally take 20 with me which fit nicely into a bucket seat along with my rotary and battery. It means less storage space at home too.

Designed to move, Sillosocks® look great when there is even the slightest breeze, if you don’t want them to move too much just sink them into the ground a little more. The Hypa-Flaps are brilliant on rotaries or bouncer poles, they do the hard work for you.

They are extremely tough; with normal use you won’t scratch or split them, and they are washable / wipeable if you get blood or mud over them.

First introduced in the US then the UK and now widely used in Europe and the rest of the World. It’s time to update your kit and Join the Movement®

Chris Phillips

Chris, an experienced shooter, has an eye for the amusing details of the life outdoors and freely admits he still has plenty to learn (but also plenty to offer). Chris is a UKShootWarehouse.com staff member.

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