Rabbit for Dinner?

I love Rabbit, nothing beats a successful hunt followed by putting a tasty dish on the table afterwards. Tim Maddams has caught my imagination with this one, so I’ll be taking a trip out one night this week to see what’s about. I have to say that Rabbits on my patch have been reduced in number, not by me either! So it’s a privilege to be able to take one or two for the pot, how times have changed – I used to fall over them on my way to school in the 70’s.  I always take the Rifleman 2 Shooting sticks with me as they are so easy to set up to take a quick shot and take the weight of the rifle when I’m static.



Chris Phillips

Chris, an experienced shooter, has an eye for the amusing details of the life outdoors and freely admits he still has plenty to learn (but also plenty to offer). Chris is a UKShootWarehouse.com staff member.

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