I spotted the Ravens that nest near to our house collecting chicken bones from a garden and tucking them up in the eaves of a neighbours house. I wondered if this was a sign that this winter is going to be a hard one and they’re stockpiling food in readiness?

Apparently it’s quite common in Corvids, called ‘caching’ they create little stores or scatter food in their own patch to grab at a later date.

Jays do it with acorns and have been credited with helping the spread of Oak trees for centuries. In Germany they still put out boxes of Acorns for Jays who bury them at a perfect depth for growth to take place.

We may get a bad winter but I’ll put my money on the fellas in Black getting through it better than most.  The neighbours will also be left wondering what the smell is coming from their loft!

Chris Phillips

Chris, an experienced shooter, has an eye for the amusing details of the life outdoors and freely admits he still has plenty to learn (but also plenty to offer). Chris is a UKShootWarehouse.com staff member.

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