Pigeon Shooting

Guided Pigeon Shooting

As well as being a leader in developing pigeon shooting equipment and the famous pigeon magnets, Philip Beasley has been a master of the art of Pigeon shooting and decoying for over 35 years.


We are pleased to offer the most excellent Pigeon Shooting available in many counties in England; with land amounting to well over 150,000 hectares we are able to take you out for a fantastic day's sport. We have a tremendous variety of crops to shoot over throughout the farming year.


We work extremely hard all year developing relationships with farmers and researching the best shooting opportunities. Our experience and knowledge in the art of Pigeon decoying over the last 35 years, combined with a huge amount of travel and time spent on reconnaissance locating the wood pigeon and determining their feeding patterns, gives us the advantage and a great shooting day for our guests.


Please note: we can arrange Shotgun/Firearm permits, ammunition, lunches & local accommodation on request.


Buying Kit for the Day? We can arrange to deliver it to you on the day or ship it in advance.

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